We all wear many hats – and I’m no exception! Mum, motivator, musician… and that’s just part of the story.

I’m a survivor, a swimmer, a passionate traveller, a positive thinker, a dreamer, a believer in the Universe and the power of possibilities.

I’m also a highly experienced teacher and a lifelong student. I believe that my journey, my values and my music have all shaped my soul, so I’m giving you an insight into how I’ve learnt to know and love myself – and am now helping others to take this path, so that they can rock too!

My Values

I believe in honesty, authenticity and truth.


I believe in ongoing growth, through learning, teaching and accepting that we are each on a spiritual journey.


I believe that my purpose is to help other people, to facilitate growth, positive change and happiness.


I believe that we all have sparks which make us come alive and skills which can positively impact other lives. Finding these sparks and reigniting our lives is what gives us joy.


I believe that inspiration and motivation should be fun!

I believe that exercises, programmes and reflection can help us to “find” ourselves, identify our core values and allow us to own and rock our lives!

My Journey

I was born in Auckland, the youngest of four children. Maybe my need to perform and entertain comes from having so much competition for attention at home! Anyway, I’ve always loved music and after gaining my degree (Bachelor of Music Education), I threw myself into teaching children of all ages – from pre-schoolers through to secondary. I believe that music can be used as a massive growth catalyst and loved to see the way in which it helped children to develop skills, understanding and confidence.

I loved performing though, so in 2005 I left teaching to unleash my inner rock star, founding a group called Famous Fish. We toured extensively around New Zealand and were extremely successful in the corporate market, developing different products including a popular “Blues Brothers” show. I didn’t leave teaching behind completely though – we developed the Famous Fish School of Rock, which went beyond the notes and music to providing inspiration and motivation.


Life threw up a challenge after breaking my knee on stage (ironically whilst performing Gary Moore’s “Walking”!) and as I couldn’t perform, decided to have a new focus. Using my teaching background, I created kindyRock – a music education company. Thousands of children attended classes, listened to my CDs and learnt through the songs I wrote and recorded – and teachers across the early childhood sector utilised kindyRock musical resources and songs in their lesson plans. I developed Rock the Planet, an online platform to promote this on a global scale and ran training workshops, seminars and conferences to show parents, facilitators and teachers exactly how they can help children to rock in every aspect of their lives.

But adults need help too – and I realised that music, inspiration and motivation is just as important for “big people”! I’ve learnt the importance of challenges, resilience and transition in life through my own experiences – married at 19, having three children, being a single mum, re-marrying and creating a blended family, becoming a grandmother, as well as an entrepreneur and businesswoman!  My focus now is to entertain, educate and empower people, particularly women, so that they are comfortable in their soul purpose and life choices.

Are you ready to have some fun with me?