Rock Your Soul workshop

What would life be like if you could identify

a clear goal and march towards it

with a sense of excitement?

A workshop to help you get more wow in your world!

Rock Your Soul is a three-hour workshop that teaches you ten easy, fun strategies to put the wow back in your life in just a few minutes a day. It’s hard to move forward when you feel stuck. You need to get out of your comfort zone to get moving again. You may have tried other help, but it was just too much of a big leap.

Rock Your Soul Workshop is very practical session, showing you different techniques that you can take home and easily implement to help you get unstuck and move towards your goals in a fun atmosphere.

Gain clarity about your goals and break through the walls that are preventing you from getting what you really want from life.

In the Rock Your Soul Workshop, you’ll discover how to:


Make it easier to learn by examining five factors which influence the strength of your brain connections.


Use thoughts and language to make you feel confident.


Give yourself permission to win big by looking at what you really want and setting clear goals.


Rewrite your limiting beliefs to help break through barriers that keep you from successfully achieving your goals.


Have fun creating affirmations that will focus on your individual goals


Use music in ways that will really help you to change

I don’t have to tread the old path or thoughts.

I can suspend my doubts and move forward.

This workshop reminded me that I am in control of my own destiny.

I’m excited about life again!

It was the most fun I’ve ever had.


1You’re interested in personal development.


2You want to feel confident and able to successfully meet your goals.


3You want to have a good time while you work on yourself.

Judi Cranston has a background in music education and has taught in all sectors in New Zealand (secondary, primary and early childhood as well as the private sector).

She is also the founder of the music education company, kindyRock. Judi has written children’s songs and created teaching resources for parents and teachers. Her music is used globally. She has won several international awards for her music and resources, including the UK Practical Preschool Awards.

Judi now works with adults as a motivational trainer and corporate speaker. Her passion is to help people find more joy and happiness in their life. She does this by teaching people easy practical ways to create new success habits in their life. With a deep understanding of how music can influence our mood and our learning, Judi also includes the use of music as a tool to help people to manage their mindset.


or $35 each if you bring a friend

Next upcoming workshops are in Auckland and Blenheim

send me an email if you are interested to join any of these workshops.

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