Taming the Monkey Mind
to Unlock Your Soul’s True Purpose

Transformation begins now.

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Is your Monkey Mind ruling your life?

Are you Searching for Purpose?

It’s time to put the monkey in the back seat and let the real you grab the keys and take the wheel of your life.

Do you want to follow the true path of your soul, yet find your mind constantly telling you reasons why you can’t achieve something?

Maybe the monkey tells you it’s too difficult, or that someone else could do it better. Even when you ‘know’ you shouldn’t entertain those negative thoughts, they slip in, much like sneaking that piece of cake!

For too long, our minds have been the dominant force in our lives, dictating what we should or shouldn’t do, what we can and can’t do. They stop our progress and continuously cast doubt on our capabilities.

The truth is, we arrived here as souls, each bearing a unique mission, but our monkey mind obstructs our path, keeping us from living our true purpose.

It’s time to:

  • transform your daily mind chatter to help rather than hinder.
  • dive deep into the profound question of why you’re truly here.
  • explore what your soul is destined to accomplish.
  • understand why it’s important to know the keys to living your successful life.

Let’s embrace the wisdom that allows you to put your monkey mind into the back seat where it belongs – not letting it derail you, so that you can deal with whatever challenges you face. You can move forward knowing that you are doing what you’re ‘meant’ to be doing.

This is an invitation for you, if your desire is to walk the path of your soul’s true destiny.


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Taming the Monkey Mind to Unlock Your Soul’s True Purpose

Join me in this transformational experience.


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It’s time to silence the monkey mind once and for all and embark on a profound journey to unearth your purpose – the keys to your soul’s genuine calling.

My community confide in me about their deep longing to embrace their destinies. They yearn to live in alignment with their true purpose, yet they face relentless noise from their own minds. They question their capabilities, laugh at their dreams, and insist that success remains something just out of reach. I know this does NOT have to be like this for anyone. 



Judi Cranston is a Soul-led Musician, Sound Healer, Esoteric Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Life Coach, Success Trainer, Performer and Composer.

Her passion is empowering others to be the best version of themselves, in any situation, by creating learning experiences that are unique, meaningful and deeply personal.

Join her at this magical event, where you will walk away with a deeper connection to your soul and your soul’s journey.

What our community shares:

Everyone has a Truth. You either stand by YOUR own Truth and have boundaries or you live by others’ truth. 

Kate F

Hypnotique Protocol - under hypnosis, Auckland, NZ

You literally have the voice of an angel! Thank you so much for bringing your music to the world!

Laura G

Leeds, UK

I feel so good after yesterday’s session, so loved and accepted as my authentic self. Most importantly I HAVE MY JOY BACK


New Zealand