Get More Happiness and Joy in Your Life with “I am Amazing – mini online Course

arrowsHave you got things in your life you have always dreamed of doing but just aren’t?


arrowsAre you way too busy to even think about doing something for yourself outside of work or running your business?


arrowsMaybe you feel bored with your life and need to make some changes. But making changes involves risk and risk is scary.


arrowsWhat would life be like if you could identify a clear goal and march towards it with a sense of excitement?


arrowsIt’s possible to get more fulfillment in your life and have fun while doing it.

I am Amazing – mini online course is a 30 day process that teaches you and holds you accountable to implementing ten easy strategies that will help you to identify one thing you have longed to do. Then it will get you started on working towards it, all in just a few minutes a day.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act but a HABIT!”

So what we do in this 30 days is to set you up with new easy success HABITS that will help you to move towards your goal rather that staring at it from a distance!

I am Amazing – mini online course is a very practical course, giving you clarity around a goal and showing you different techniques that you can easily implement in just a few minutes a day.

In the “I am Amazing – mini online course” you will discover how to

  • Give yourself permission to win big by looking at what you really want and setting clear goals.
  • Learn how to review your goals in just a few seconds a day.
  • Have fun creating affirmations that will focus on your individual goals.
  • Set up habits around looking at your goals and using affirmations, gratitude and other techniques on a daily basis.
  • Be accountable to others in a safe, small group.

It’s given me a new focus and that’s helped me realise that there’s no barriers to me doing what I want to do.

I learnt that it’s quite empowering to set a goal and work out how to achieve it

I don’t have to tread the old path or thoughts.

I can suspend my doubts and move forward.

This reminded me that I am in control of my own destiny.

I’m excited about life again!

  1. Payment gets made – $75 NZ
  2. Get added to a Private Facebook group which only the members of the group will be able to see and read what is posted.


Next  start on November 1st!

There will be 2 kinds of tasks and learning.

daily do will be posted in the Facebook group. This gives you things you need to do that day. These will be under 3 minutes and to get the most out of the program it will be great if you can do those most days.

A separate learning task will be emailed to you every 3 days. That gives you 3 days to do the new task. This will take no longer that 10 minutes to do and you can choose when you do it as long as it is over the next 3 days. A video of the new task will also be popped into the Facebook group for those people who would rather watch that.

You’re going to love the I am Amazing – mini online course. For just $75 you can join me and set up some great strategies to smash your goals.

To get back your amazingness and start getting what you want from life, simply click the button below to book. Spaces are limited so book today to avoid disappointment.

  This is what you will get in the 3o day course:


Learn how to easily set goals in all areas of your life.



Learn how the power of words can enhance your life.



You will give your self permission to dream.



Share your highs and lows with like minded people.



Create new habits to include reviewing your goals every day.


arrowsLearn how to write your own powerful affirmations.


Next start on November 1st