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Rock Your Soul

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“Rock Your Soul” is a Transformational Journey for people who are ready for more in their life.

“Rock Your Soul” is a Transformational Journey for people who are ready for more in their life.

Are you ready for your soul to be honoured in a deeper and more meaningful way?

Join Judi Cranston in this powerful and transformational day. Activating your soul so you can be more, do more and live more.


What you will learn:

To open up to your purpose in a deeper and more meaningful way
To support yourself so your soul is allowed to grow
To use music and the power of language to affect meaningful change
How the science of neuroscience can help you create lasting change in your life
How to use the power of intention and rituals in the modern world
How to access cosmic and earth energies to create shifts


This is for YOU if:

YOU are committed to your soul growth

YOU know there is more and are ready for more

YOU believe in the magic and power of your being and you want to hone and activate this

YOU know you are here for a reason and want to amplify your ability to do that

YOU know where you are heading and would love to amplify and accelerate your journey


No you don’t have to:

Listen to chanting, sound bowls or do silent meditations all day

Sing, dance and share traumatic experiences

Follow a formula

(Unless you want to)


Yes you do need to be willing to:

Be honest with yourself

Be ready for shedding, opening and celebrating

Be more in the world

Say YES to life changing growth

Rock Your Soul

Like to be part of it?


Judi Cranston is a globally acclaimed speaker, MC, success trainer, performer and composer.

Her passion is empowering others to be the best version of themselves, in any situation, by creating learning experiences that are unique, meaningful , and deeply personal.

Join her on this magical day where you will walk away with a deeper connection to your soul and your soul’s journey.

What others are saying

Today was a totally inspiring and transforming day, thank you.
Karen Ovens

Creating Well Kids, New Zealand

Judi is a fabulous teacher who makes you look deep inside yourself to deal with your innermost thoughts.
Graham Lee

New Zealand

Oh my Judi. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with me that beautiful song. Words simply can’t describe the feeling listening to that. Your heart, your gift so aligned with your soul and in service to a much bigger truth. Thank you thank you thank you.

Aesha Kennedy

Feminine creative power coach, Australia

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