Transformation begins now.


The Wisdom of the Rose


FREE Online EVENT- Thursday 10th August 7.30 -8.30 pm
(Recording will be available)


A Guided Sound Journey with

Music, Guided Meditation, and Vibrational Healing

“Rock Your Soul” is a Transformational Journey for people who are wanting a deeper connection to  for more in their life.

Are you wanting to find some quiet space where you can connect to your inner wisdom in a simple and unique way?

Join us for a soul-nurturing experience where we’ll delve into the essence of oneness and the profound wisdom of the rose.

Embrace Stillness: We’ll begin with a simple  ceremony, allowing us to connect and fostering a sense of unity to everything!

Connecting with the Rose: I will take you on a transformative guided meditation, as we connect with the energy of the rose. This journey will lead you to explore the gifts and wisdom of the rose.

Healing Sounds and Vibrations: Offering the gifts of song, vibration, and anything else that wants to come out, I will share the gifts of music with you to add a depth of healing to our time together.

Connecting with Others:  insights and experiences, fostering a supportive and uplifting community.

Join us in this heart-centered experience as we explore the oneness within and the transformative wisdom of the rose. Reserve your spot now for a journey of inner healing, unity, and connection

The Wisdom of the Rose

Like to be part of it?


Judi Cranston is a soul led musician, sound healer, Esoteric Hypnotherapist, success trainer, performer and composer.

Her passion is empowering others to be the best version of themselves, in any situation, by creating learning experiences that are unique, meaningful and deeply personal.

Join her on this magical day where you will walk away with a deeper connection to your soul and your soul’s journey.

What others are saying

You literally have the voice of an angel! Thank you so much for bringing your music to the world!

Laura G

Leeds, UK

I feel so good after yesterday’s session, so loved and accepted as my authentic self. Most importantly I HAVE MY JOY BACK


New Zealand

Oh my Judi. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with me that beautiful song. Words simply can’t describe the feeling listening to that. Your heart, your gift so aligned with your soul and in service to a much bigger truth. Thank you thank you thank you.

Aesha Kennedy

Feminine creative power coach, Australia

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