Hi, it’s Judi Cranston on Mindset Magic! Today we are going to talk about skipping your way to success!

So, hands up if you like skipping! raises hand

Okay well, it’s not just about skipping. What I’m trying to talk to you about today is raising your vibration. So we want to raise our vibe to make ourselves feel better.

If we make ourselves feel better, we’re going to make better decisions, we’ll have more juicy ideas and just feel great about our day in general.

We’re going to have better talks with people, our relationships will improve and so will many other things.

With that, here are my three tips for raising your vibe.

Number one… Skipping! You can skip, skip, skip to the letterbox. You can even skip to the loo. In fact, there’s even a song about that called “Skip to the Loo”, imagine that! Skipping is great, it sounds crazy, but it’s fun and it works!

Number two is to set an alarm on your phone and label it as “It’s time for fun”! When the alarm goes off, you have to jump up and do something crazy. Something like… going to the mirror, dusting your face off and saying “Oh my gosh! Look at you darling, you’re just looking fabulous”! Something that’s going to make you feel a bit better. You could do the “dance break” thing, you could whip out a song! Perhaps if your husband is around you could do something, but we won’t talk about that here! Whatever it is, take a few minutes a couple of times a day to raise your vibe!

The third thing is… spontaneous laughter! Have a recording of some spontaneous laughter on your phone, it might help raise your vibe.

Remember to get in the zone and raise your vibe and you’re going to have a much more successful day, successful life, successful business.

That’s it from me. I hope you’re feeling amazing!

So repeat after me: “I AM AMAZING!”

Bye for now!