Hi, this is Judi Cranston on Mindset Magic and today we are talking about three ways goals can make your business BOOM~~!

Goals aren’t just a list of mundane jobs. When you have great goals they can really help to make your business BOOM, and this is how.

Number one. When you’re looking down at your toes, you don’t see the view. If you’re looking out at your bigger goals and you picture them sometimes during the day then it makes things a little bit more exciting than just looking at your feet. So look up sometimes.

Number two is when you’re on target, you are way more effective. If you know where you are heading, then your actions will take you towards that goal. That way your actions create a pathway towards that goal and not somewhere else.

Number three is that if you know where you are going, you are going to have a much better clarity on what you can say “no” to. It’s actually quite hard to say “no” sometimes, but if you know that it’s not part of your overall strategy then it’s much easier to turn it down.

So those are my three goals for today. I hope it helps!

Don’t forget that you are certainly amazing, as we all are.

So say after me: “I AM AMAZING!”

See you later!