Hi guys! This is Judi on Mindset Magic, and today we’re talking about the unconventional guide to success habits.

Singing your goals can be helpful when it comes to keeping you motivated. Have you got a goal of perhaps, $6000 a month for your business?

    I’ve got 6000 dollars coming in
    I’ve got 6000 dollars coming in

How easy is it to review that goal every day in the shower for a couple of minutes?

It should make you feel good, don’t forget to be in the feeling space. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is moving! When you’re moving your body, you’re creating an energy around yourself Your cells are feeling much better, getting juicy and vibrating.

If you move and say your goals, your affirmations or think your happy thoughts, it will have a much better effect than just sitting still.

So far we have singing, moving and finally…

Do it your~ way! What do you want to do? What feels good for you? If it feels good for you, it’s going to be effective. If it doesn’t feel good for you, you may as well not do it.

That’s my three tips: sing it, move it and do what feels good.
That’s it from me…

Don’t forget that you are amazing.

So repeat after me: “I AM AMAZING!”

Bye for now!