Hi I’m Judi Cranston, and this week on Mindset Magic, I’m going to talk to you a little bit more about my story and how my success habits have changed my life.

So today I wanted to talk to you about how Judi Cranston was before I started on this journey of mindset stuff.

I was feeling pretty small, I had just come out of a bad relationship. I had three children, no money, no goals for my life. I guess I just didn’t feel like a big person. I had no idea that there was stuff inside me ready and jumping to try and escape.

Then I got given the secret by Rhonda Byrne which was a massive turnaround for me about ten years ago. That made me realize that there was stuff inside of me. About eight years ago I started a music education company, and I had a goal that I wrote down. My goal was that I wanted my music to be reached by any child in the world. It’s pretty exciting that it has happened for me now.

But the things I put in place to make it happen, have been daily things. So I have my goals, I write them down, I look at them, I read them, I think about them and as you may know I use affirmations a lot. I believe that for me personally the spoken word works really well. Affirmations, afformations, mantras, singing all work well for me.

Sometimes I find things a bit more difficult and I’ve had to work on them. My meditation and my visualization are things that don’t come easy to me. The thing I’ve realized is the most important thing for me is that I have to do stuff daily or at the least five times a week. I have to be consistent in doing things regularly to make changes.

It’s been hard for me to say and sing “I am amazing”, but I’ve had years of practice now so I can say and believe it.

If you put things in place that you feel work for you, and you’re consistent with them. Just like cleaning your teeth, eating healthy, practicing your driving or tennis, then things will change.

So I just want to challenge you today to see if you can make mindset strategies and mindset success habits a daily thing for you, because you will see the results.

If you think you need some help, do please get in touch with me. I’d love to chat with you more about it.

That’s it from me!

Don’t forget that you are amazing, we all are amazing!

Even if you don’t quite believe it yet, repeat after me and you’ll be one step closer.

Here we go!


See you later!