And I’ve dedicated most of my life to helping people to learn and to develop, whilst having fun with some music thrown in the mix!

I’ve adapted my unique blend of music, inspiration and enthusiasm to benefit all ages.  Developing the internationally acclaimed music education programs for pre-schoolers firstly – kindyRock and Rock the Planet – and more recently creating resources for adults; music affirmations, workshops, courses, coaching opportunities and live events.

Let’s rock together!


I would recommend Judi’s “Rock Your Soul” workshop to anyone wanting to experience more freedom in loving yourself and enjoying your life no matter what!

Judi comes across so naturally, with a very gentle, loving and fun filled personality which made me feel very relaxed.  She speaks from her past experiences and trials, so I found her to be very authentic – a person who genuinely wants to help others to overcome and succeed in this journey of life!

There was lots of laughter and challenges for us in this workshop, as we had to really think about some of our negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. But she gave us tools to use to help us overcome some of these – I am still singing one of her positive affirmations!

I love Judi’s style and the gifts she shares.   I believe they are God given and she truly walks the walk.


Vivienne Hooper, Waverley

I would thoroughly recommend Judi Cranston as an excellent performer and presenter. Judi’s exuberance is contagious, so within seconds she had every participant up and moving. The feedback from the workshop participants was that this was the most helpful and inspiring training yet. We can’t wait to get her back!

-Christine Calis, Auckland Libraries

I totally love “I Am Amazing”! Thank you from my soul for sending it out to us. Just wanted to send you super-thanks. You are doing an awesome job and it’s so inspiring 🙂

-Jenny, New Zealand

Your KindyRock workshops changed my life, so I’d love to see what doing a personal development one with you would do!!! Looking forward to “Rock Your Soul” in Auckland!

-Clare, Auckland


Music Affirmation #9: “I Make Money Easily”

Music Affirmation #9: “I Make Money Easily”

Hey, Judi Cranston here and today our music affirmation is called "There's Always Enough For Me". When I sing it for you today, I'm going to pop "money" in, but you could pop in anything you like. You could replace "money" with "time" or "love", or even "food" if...

Music Affirmation #8: “I Choose To Be Happy”

Music Affirmation #8: “I Choose To Be Happy”

Hi, it's Judi Cranston here and today we're going to do a music affirmation about choosing how you want to feel. So today I want to choose to be happy! Okay, let's do it! Lyrics:    I choose to be happy    Happy today!    I...

Music Affirmation #7: “I’m Awake, Alert and AMAZING!”

Music Affirmation #7: “I’m Awake, Alert and AMAZING!”

Hey, it's Judi! For today's music affirmation, I'm going to do a song called "I'm awake, alert and AMAZING!" It's the three A's for you today! When we wake up we want to make sure we set a great intention, or how we want our day to go. At the beginning of the day I...