Introducing a Whole New Way of Doing Affirmations
That Makes Personal Development Fun!


Would you like to be able to say “I am Amazing” and really believe it!

Are you sick of doing the same old affirmations and they are just not working for you?

Maybe you feel bored with your life and need to make some changes but you don’t know where to start.

Yes it is possible to change your thoughts and your beliefs about your self and your world and have fun while doing it!!

Amazing Affirmations Volume 1

This album of music affirmations has 9 songs on it and come complete with a beautiful book to show how best to use these. It is a very practical to way of using the power of music, affirmations and mindset to create positive change in your life.

There are three affirmations song sets in this Volume. Each set has three songs in it.  So that means there are 9 songs in total!
Two of the songs in each set have words showing you some options for how you can use the songs, then a karaoke or blank track is given which means you can now make your own affirmation based on what is important to you. Pop the words that are relevant to you in the gaps and sing away.

The book explains everything and includes all the lyrics so you can sing away straight away! But you don’ even need to read it juts pop your CD on and you can start straight away!


Amazing Affirmation Vol 1 Digital Download

Amazing Affirmations Vol 1 Hard Copy