I am totally convinced that music has the ability to teach, heal and make us happy – so why not use it?

Here are some of my achievements through music;

  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Over 30 years’ experience in teaching music
  • Runner up in ISC – International Songwriting Competition- children’s category
  • Gold Award and Silver Award winner for consecutive albums and related teaching manuals in UK Practical Preschool Awards
  • Writer of over 200 songs which are enjoyed globally by more than 200,000 children per week
  • Writer of musical affirmations, with over 5000 downloads
  • Performer at over 2000 concerts, gigs, workshops and conferences


arrowsMusic touches us in a way nothing else can, on emotional and physiological levels. It can change your mood, bring people together, encourage us to move and up the endorphins!

Coupled with positive lyrics, it’s extremely powerful – which is why my affirmations work.

Music’s a big part of my life, but I know that it’s scary for some people. Don’t panic! Music features in my workshops in a comfortable, natural way, so that you can relax, refresh and rock your soul!

Some of my latest fun musical offerings:

I am the founder of kindyRock a music education company dedicated to helping kids become the VERY BEST they could possibly be. I believe in the power of music to change so many things in children’s lives – creativity, coordination, memory, language and maths skills plus heaps more! All of my music is great for babies, toddlers and young children plus really helpful for parents and teachers too.

Rock the Planet is the result of my dream to have any child in the world be able to access my music. I want our planet to be amazing in the future too and I believe that our kids need as many resources as they can to be the best leaders in tomorrows world. Rock the Planet uses amazing music, songs and teaching content that help you (parents and teachers) help our kids to be AMAZING. This is an online resource for teachers, parents and kids to use. Giving access to all of my children’s music and resources.