Hey guys! Today’s music affirmation is my favourite, it’s called “I Am AMAZING”

Let’s do it!


   I am amazing, I am amazing
   Yes I am yes I am
   I am incredible, I am incredible
   Yes I am yes I am
   I am magnificent, I am magnificent
   Yes I am, Yes I am
   I can do anything, I can do anything
   I know that I can, I know that I can
   I for incredible
   A for amazing
   M for magnificent
   Yes I am, yes I am
   Yes I am!

That’s the song for for this week. I’m really hoping it’s going to stick in your head.

If it sticks in your head, it’s really good for your amazing mindset

Just before we go, don’t forget that you are amazing!

So say after me, “I AM AMAZING!”