Today, we are going to talk about active vs passive goals.

So I’ve just been on a retreat with a few really cool ladies…

One of them is really in to active goals, whereas the other prefers passive goals. It’s quite interesting to see the difference.

So, an active goal is when you have a definite goal in mind, usually with a time frame and you’re taking steps towards that on a daily/weekly basis.

A passive goal might be something a bit more ‘dreamy’, but you write your goal down on a piece of paper and put it away for 5 or so years, only to come back to it and realize you’ve achieved your goal.

If you’re having trouble imagining what I’m talking about, let’s think about Spray n’ Wipe vs Wet & Forget

With Spray n’ Wipe, you use it every day or every other day to clean your kitchen. Spraying and wiping, doing something towards your goal.

The other one, Wet & Forget, or for the kiwis “I spray and then I walk away!”

This where you write your goal down as a big dream and you stick it in the draw, when you come back a few years later you can see what’s happened. So you spray, and walk away! (I actually met the spray & walk away guy, he’s real!)

When you come back, your garden (or goal) is beautiful.

So, do you want to be the Spray n’ Wipe person, or the Spray & Walk Away person? Either way, you probably have space for both of them in your cupboard.

There is space in your life for both of those types of goals.

We get the jujus from our life when we know we’ve reached our goals and when we know we’ve done something towards it.

The universe gets the jujus from life when he can just create something in our world without us having to do anything about it.

So, I challenge you! Write both those kinds of goals down so you know what they are and look at them later in life so you know how far you have come.


That’s it from me…

Don’t forget that you are amazing.

So repeat after me: “I AM AMAZING!”