I guess you can easily summarise my “thing” as teaching. I love to help facilitate growth both in myself and other people – those that know me will readily admit that I find it very hard to let a learning experience slip past. I believe that every person, thing and experience I encounter has lessons to help me to evolve, so I know that I will be developing too whilst helping you to learn and grow. I may be a teacher, but I’m a student too!

The other thing you must know is that I LOVE to have fun – in fact I think it is paramount that learning involves fun. So be prepared to laugh, smile and probably do some singing!

What about you?

arrowsDo you constantly feel like life is hard and you feel like you are constantly pushing to make things happen?


arrowsDo you get sick of not being able to reach your goals because things get in the way?


arrowsDo you truly want to grow in certain areas of your life?


arrowsAre you happy to commit to a few small changes in your day to make BIG changes in your life?


arrowsAre you wanting to have more joy, fun and happiness?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then I think we’re meant to meet.

Sometimes we need to be “rocked” out of routines, comfort zones and self-limiting beliefs in order to make changes that will benefit us, our families and our lives.  It doesn’t have to be anything radical (unless you’re ready for complete change!) – just a tweak or two can help you to move forward with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

My absolute passion lies in helping people – whether in group workshops, large presentations or individually – to provide tools and strategies designed to break through barriers and get your world rocking!


I’m currently taking my signature workshop ROCK YOUR SOUL! around the country, reaching as many people as possible in my mission to reignite and refresh their lives!

Come along, alone or with a friend, to see how far you can move forward in just a few hours of fun, focus and reflection. It’s a wild ride that’ll leave you smiling, empowered and ready to rock!


This is a 30 day process that makes personal development fun and easy and sets you up with success strategies that help you move towards your goals with clarity and commitment.


Everyone need someone on their team cheering you on, and I love seeing you go from stuck and foggy to jumping forward and happy!

My 1 to 1 coaching is focused on goal setting in any area of your life, getting clear about what you really want and what lights you up. Then setting up easy and fun success strategies to help you get moving. Accountability for you on a weekly or fortnightly basis which is vital to make real changes in your life that will stick.


Speaking in front of large groups has to be on one if most favourite things in the world. Being able to facilitate learning and joy in large groups is my passion…