Today, we’re going to look at 3 ways to make your mindset work NOT feel like work at all.

When I ask people why they’re not doing daily mindset practices, the #1 response is that…

It’s too hard!

The #2 response is that…

We don’t know what to do.

And the #3 response is…

It’s not working for me.

Let’s turn that around!

Instead of making it too hard, let’s make your mindset practice EASY!

We want it to be *snap*… You can do it! It’s done.

The second way is to make your mindset practice FUN for you.

I do that by using music affirmations…

I sing…

I dance around…

I sing my goals….

I use music a lot in my mindset stuff 🙂

The third thing is that you want to make it into a habit.

It just happens…

It becomes as simple as cleaning your teeth. You don’t even have to think about it. You can just do it.

You need to fit it into your day so it works like a habit.

Have you thought about doing affirmations in the shower?

I know lots of people like to sing in the shower.

So how about just do your affirmations in the shower?

What about when you’re sitting on the loo? That could be quite interesting 😉


That’s it from me…

3 ways to make your mindset work not feel like work.

Just before I go, don’t forget that you are amazing as we all are.

So repeat after me: “I AM AMAZING!”