Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a tiny gym in Melbourne, waiting for Joe, the maintenance man, to come along to help me work out how to set up the exercycle.

While Joe was fiddling with the bike, he told me a wonderful story about how he went on a big walk one day. He had always wanted to walk up Ayers Rock, which is a really famous “Rock” in Australia.(It’s also known as Chicken Rock because so many people “chicken out” half way up.)

Sunset at Ayers Rock in Australia towards Sunset

Anyway this particular day back in 2012, Joe decided he was going to tackle it. It was a big walk and it’s pretty hard going. Halfway up, Joe just got really, really tired. He had had enough and stopped. He was going to quit!
A few minutes later another hiker on the path came up beside Joe, saw he had stopped and sat beside him and asked “How are you going, are you okay?”
The maintenance man said, “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay, it’s just a bit hard, I’m going to rest up for a bit then go back.”

And the man said to him, “So how old are you?” Joe replied, “I’m 56.”
And the man said, “Well, I’m 61, it’s not that much difference. How about we go up together?”
Joe replied, “Okay, I’ll go up with you, but on one condition, if I need to stop, we stop.” The other fella said, “Yeah that sounds fine.”

So off they went up together.

And they stopped on the way when Joe got tired and then they went a bit further. Then they stopped on the way a bit more when Joe got tired.
It was a bit like that – stop, start, stop, start. But eventually they got to the top.

Joe was able to ring his son from the top of the mountain and say, ” You will never guess guess where I am? I’m on top of Chicken Rock!”
Joe could hardly believe he was there and nether could his son!

Joe got to the top because somebody stopped beside him and said, “How are you going, can we do it together?”

I guess there are times in our lives when we all need somebody to stop beside us and to help us even if we don’t think we can go any further. There are times when we need to take things just a bit slower so that we can get to the top.
There are times when we need to push ourselves just a little bit more so that we can do something spectacular.

There are times in life when we get the chance to make a massive impact in someone else’s life just because we stop and ask them if everything is ok.
I challenge you today to be that person for somebody else.

If you see somebody that needs encouraging, stop and ask what you can do to help them get to the top of their mountain.
If you need some encouragement, yourself, don’t be too proud to ask for help.

There are always plenty of people around to help you, coaches, friends mentors, family.

So my second challenge to you is to find someone to help you when you need it. It takes a certain type of person to push you a little bit past where you think you can go.

I absolutely love to helping people to get to the top of mountains. Sometimes the mountain is in your head, in your health, in your business, in your relationships. If you want a hand up then I would love to be the hand.

I love supporting others to follow their dreams even when it’s hard work! I love to find easy, ways to do things that seem really hard. Things that seem impossible.

One of the things I do to help people climb their mountain is the “I am Amazing 30 day course”. This is a super easy process to help set you up with success strategies in your life and to support you in your “Chicken Rock” goals whatever they might.

So far I have helped people with:
Finding new jobs
Getting prepared to do a marathon
Losing Weight
Getting fit
Getting their house uncluttered and organised
Joining a real estate course
Plus loads of other things that are important to them.

You see we all have our own things that we really want to do. We are all different and if you said to me go run and marathon you would not like my response!

We all find some things hard. It’s part of life to have mountains. It’s also part of life to remember if you need help just ask!

To find out about the next round of “I am Amazing” then just head over here

If you want to chat then please do contact me here, I would love to support you.

Blessings to you.


Joe on top of Ayers Rock